Universal Design Tips

Do you hope to grow old in your home? Do you have parents or grandparents that might need you to care for them in the future? If so, having an aging-in-place home is something you should consider. This means renovating your home to ensure you or your loved ones can perform daily rituals or tasks independently and with ease. You might take for granted the fact that you can twist a door knob, flip a light switch or turn on the bathroom faucet, but over time these can become a challenge. By making these adjustments to your home now, it will provide a flawless and smooth transition for when simple tasks might not be so simple. MRemodeling is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) which means we have the knowledge, resources and technical skill to work with you in designing and implementing a stress-free living environment. We follow the Principles of Universal Design to guarantee proper comfort, accommodation, and ease so you can grow old and enjoy the home you have always loved with limited frustrations in everyday tasks. Below are links to learn more information about CAPS and the Principles of Universal Design.


Principles of Universal Design

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