Surface Selection

Surfaces are an important part of your dream Kitchen or Bath. Here is a chart that will help you to select the right surface for your bathroom project.

 RELATIVE COST         (per sq ft)
 Medium to high           ($45-$85)
 Easy to clean.  Extremely durable.  Can be scratched.  Must be heat- stain-resistant glass.
 Flexible.  Can fit any style, from contemporary to rustic.  Wide array of colors available.  Can be molded to fit needs.  Extremely durable.
 Manufactured Quartz
 Medium       ($35-$65)
 Requires little maintenance.  No sealant needed.
 Durble, resistant to wear and tear, scratches, stains.  Heat-impervious.  Looks like naturea stone.  Available in a wide array of colors and patterns.  Slab-size limitations may mean waste and seams.
 Medium to high         ($50-$250)
 Surface can be sanded and resealed to repair scratches.  Requires careful cleaning.  Regualr application of mineral oil keeps wood in good condition.  Use a cutting board to protect.
 Warm appearance.  Will scratch; use cutting board.  Will absorb stains and ordors.  Resistant to heat damage.  Wide array of wood types and colors.
 Natural Stone Granite
 High        ($45-$75)
 Not repairable.  Use a cutting board.  Resealing needed once or twice a year.  Dark surfaces need frequent wipe-downs to avoid fingerprints.
 Very stylish.  Provides a smooth, cool surface for handling things like dough.  Will not mar or scratch easily.  Absosrvs some oils and stains.  Heat-resistant.  Sold by the slab; may be some waste.
 High        ($50-$65)
 Requires annual sealing.
 Pourus and soft.  Best used in bath or low-traffic kitchen areas.
 High        ($50-$65)
 Scratches somewhat easily.  Not repairable.
 Professional look.  Cool surface for handling things like dough.  Absorbs oils and some orders.  Heat -impervious.
 High        ($50-$65)
 Requires annual sealing.
 Pourus and soft.  Best used in bath or low-traffic kitchen areas.
 Metal     Stainless Steel
 High        ($65-$100)
 Easly to clean.  Durable, but scratches easily.  Scratches are not repairable.  Requires frequent wipe-downs due to fingerprints.  Brushed finish can minimize appearance of wear and tear. 
 Sleek, professional look.  Cool surface.  Does not chip or crack.  Does not absorb stains, oils or ordors.  Can dent.  Heat-impervious.
 High        ($89-$119)
 Can be sealed to prevent tarnishing.  Clean with copper cleaner for shiny finish.  Can be cleaned with soap and water if patina is desired.
 Warm, artistic look.  Antibacterial surface.  Extremely durable. 
 Tile        (ceramic, porcelain)
 Low to medium  ($10-$90)
 Grout lines must be cleaned;grout can discolor.  Tile can chip.  Repairable.
 Very stylish.  Will not scratch.  Does not absorb oils or odors.  Heat-impervious.  Mixing and matching provides opportunities for creativity.
 High        ($60-$65)
 Requires sealer to protect surface.  Reseal every one or two years.  Clean with nonabrasive cleaner.
 Pourus and soft.  Can scratch, burn and stain.  Wide array of color mixtures available.  Made to order, sliminating slab size limitations.
 Solid Surface
 Low to medium     ($35-$55)
 Easy to repair surface scratches, stains and burns.  Ceeper damage can be professionally repaired.  Little maintenance required.
 Does not mar easily.  Easy to repair and restore.  Does not absorb iols or odors.  Resistant to heat damage.  Great flexibility; pliable material can be molded to almost any specifications.
 Low        ($20-$50)
 Can scraatch, stain, crack and chip.  Not repairable.
 Least expensive to install and eplace.  Vast color and pattern selection.  Does not absorb oils or ordors.  Not heat-impervious.
 Cast Polymer (cultured marble, other cultured stone)
 Medium      ($45-$65)
 Resists mildew; stains can be cleared with nonabrasive cleaner.
 Used mostly in baths.  Can be molded into a variety of shapes.  Resistant to breakage; more durable than natural marble and procelain.

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