Sunroom Playrooms

Many homes with young children elect to make their sunroom into a playroom because it helps keep the children's toys in one area. This area allows the children to enjoy the outdoors all season long.

Pet Sunrooms

Homeowners build sunroom additions specifically to create an area for their pets to have room while they are at work during the day. This gives the pet more freedom rather than a small confined area. Our most current application of this is what we called the 'doggie corral'. While the Owner is at work or with a house full of guests, the 'girls' have their own run inside the conditioned house but can still be a part of the living area, interacting at will.

Sunrooms for Exercise

To busy to go to a gym? Want to go outside and exercise but the weather is not cooperating. Sunrooms make a great exercise room. This allows owners to enjoy the outdoors while working out in the comfort of their own home.

Spa Sunrooms

Owners that want that luxurious spa feel, are now outfitting the sunroom with all the amenities. This area can be specially designed with amenties including a hot tub, tanning bed, and a whirlpool foot spa.

Game Room

How about a game night with family and friends? This room can include a pool table, wet bar, arcade and pinball machines and anything else to make the game room experience complete.

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