Many times it is easy to underestimate all the variables involved in a remodeling project including the finishes and how they relate to the final budget. With such an overwhelming selection of products and materials... it can make a big difference in your project's final budget. Don't forget to take into account the price range of things like; lighting fixtures and bulbs, cabinets, counter tops, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, appliances, flooring, all the trim, mouldings and doors, wall paper and paint, all the bathroom accessories and mirrors, hardware and even switch cover plates when you are budgeting for your project. It's the small things like this that give your project it's individual look, but just as often it throws the budget way off from your original "guesstimate". It makes your life much easier if you can make these decisions when you are in the planning stages. You don't want to go through all that work and pay for the design and then be overpriced for your budget.

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