Measuring Guide

Rough measurments will help to determine the scope and estimated cost of your dream project. Here is a guide to help meausre your room.


  • Measure the overall lenght of each wall (at countertop level for kitchens and baths)
  • Measure each section of wall separtely, measureing from corner to window, window to door, etc. Make sure these measurments add up to the total wall measurment.
  • When measuring windows and doors, include trim.


  • Measure the ceiling height fromt he finished floor to the existing ceiling.
  • Measure from finished floor to the bottom of existing soffits.


  • Measure window heights, widths and distance to the sidewall end, to the ceiling and to the floor.
  • Windows should be beasured from outside trim to outside trim.
  • Include distances between windows


  • Measure any door heights, widths and distances to the sidewall end, the cabinetry and to the ceiling
  • Measusre from outside trim to outside trim.
  • Recored the placement of hinges, which way the doow swings (in or out) and the direstion of the door opening.

APPLIANCES (kitchen)

  • Locate the center line for your sink, cooktop and ovens by measuring from the nearest side wall to the center of the cabinetry.
  • Indicate type of cooktop.
  • Note locations of any future appliances.
  • Measure the height and width of all existing appliances.


  • Record the centerlines of plumbing, measuring from the nearest sidewall to the center of the sink.
  • Record the general location of all air supplies and any returns.

FIXTURES (bathroom)

  • Record the center location of the water closet and the vanity sink
  • Measure the width, height and depth of the tub, shower and vanity.

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